Fashion Trends – Crochet bags…

A small clip showing some of the bags that I’ve crocheted so far…reliving old moments :)…


Red n Black Textured Crochet Bag

Fell in love with the crochet texture as soon as I saw it…and felt it would make an absolutely gorgeous bag…as a coincidence saw a bag made with this texture and loved how it looked…so started with making one…added lace embellishment and flower and modified the handle to give ethnic as well as trendy look to suit modern as well as traditional attire :)…hope you all like it…


Vintage model Crochet Shells Bag

A very elegant looking bag…perfect accessory for a party or wedding…goes with any style traditional or modern…fashionable and trendy at the same time…vintage model modernized with present metallic gold yarn and crystal beads :)…

Don’t have a pattern for this lovely creation…Got the basic idea by looking at a picture of a similar one I found for sale on etsy…modified the handles and size…

Exclusive Party wear Cardigan/Jacket/Shrug

Enjoyed making this lovely party wear for my sister-in-law :)…followed the pattern from the magazine “Let’s Knit Series” and loved the final outcome.


Crochet Doily (Fiber Art)

As it is December, have to crochet something in snowy white and decided upon doing a doily which I can finish fast.  As all my previous doilies are round-shaped, thought of doing a differently shaped one and came across this elegant diamond-shaped doily.  The pattern is from a Japanese magazine “Elegant Crochet Lace”, Doily No. 25.

20141213_11511420141213_083202  20141213_115350

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Crochet Doily (Fiber Art)

Beautiful lacy crochet doily…I have made several doilies with cotton crochet thread and I wanted to try my hands on the 3-ply acrylic yarn…so my first attempt with a 3-ply acrylic yarn…as I didn’t want the doily to lose its lacy charm, I decided to use 1.5 mm hook….even though it came out pretty good, I still prefer the cotton crochet yarn for the doilies…now I can see how much of a difference the yarn makes to doilies…

20141203_112733 20141203_112827 20141203_113339

Pattern:  The pattern is from the magazine Ondori Crochet Lace, Doily #29.

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Crochet Lace-White Headband/Hairband

Lacy white headband… perfect for newborn to little girls who when worn will sure look like angels…very easy to make…cute, adorable, stylish, elegant, and fashionable at the same time…Also a great gift too…

20141111_133521 20141111_133647 20141111_134214


I didn’t follow any pattern for this, just did it free-handed.

First, a desired length of chain to start with, then a row of sc to form the center line…next a round v-stitch with 3 ch for the a round of shell in alternate ch 3 gap and a final round of ch 3 for the edging…

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