Crochet Jewelry Box

A crochet creation to bring a smile on each and every woman…Basic idea for this I took from the magazine “Small and easy crochet projects with five lovely motifs”…separate patterns are there for basket and round mat…modified a lot according to my liking and size…


Multicolor Striped Crochet Bag

This is just a color variation of my Pastel Delight Crochet Bag with black as base color and multiple bright color stripes.  This has an art silk material inner lining with one small pocket with zip closure on one side and two open pockets on another.  All beautifully handcrafted in detail with utmost care :)…

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Drawstring Bag – Pinwheel Flower (Crochet) -3

Third one in the collection of giveaways as gifts 🙂 …

20140711_095818-1 20140711_095135-1 20140711_095506-1

For pattern, check previous posts

For the pinwheel flower granny square,

pinwheel flower

For joining the squares, constructing the base, and making the bottom half portion of the bag, check

To complete the bag, check

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Cute Rainbow bag/Purse (Crochet)

Beautiful crochet bag that highlights great use of multiple colors with the body in rows of assorted colors and a flower in the center.  It is done with front and back panels featuring rows of lacy stitches of pretty colors joined with shell edging.

I followed a graphical pattern chart (see below) that I found on Google search (think it is from a Japan magazine) for the middle portion of the bag and extended a little bit with few more rows of single crochet to give the bag a rainbow-like appearance.

20140705_142808-1 20140705_143435-1 20140705_143035-1

Pattern Chart that I found on Google search…credit goes to the designer 🙂 …


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WIP: Scrap Yarn Rug/Mat/Throw (Crochet)

Whenever I see something colorful in the art/craft exhibitions, I always think I should use my scrap yarn to make this…and, finally I started to make two rugs/mats, a round one with acrylic wool and another a rectangular one with a mixture of cotton, wool, and nylon yarns.

These kind of things in addition to adding colors to the room, creates a whole of ethnic charm and gives the room a lively atmosphere.

20140603_102516-1 20140603_102301-1 20140603_102443-1

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Mini Crochet Doily – 1

This cute little doily, although small in size is great in its creative design…very easy to make.


The graphical pattern for this cute little doily 🙂 …


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Flutterby Stole

A beautiful piece of crochet work that is always pleasant to the eyes and gives the warmth when it is draped around your shoulders…The pattern was published in Crochet World magazine as an afghan pattern which I converted into a stole…


Later I found in Google that a similar pattern was used for making a  tablemat and here is the free graphical pattern that I found with it 🙂 …


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