How to quick & easy crochet Christmas Ornament – Xmas tree

Video tutorial on how to crochet a quick & easy Christmas tree (Xmas tree) for Christmas decoration. Full written pattern instruction is given as subtitles. Abbreviations used – chain-ch, single crochet – sc, treble – tr, slip stitch – sl st…

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Crochet Christmas Ornaments :)..

Crocheting for festivals is so much fun and pleasure…after Deepavali, now stepping into another festive season of Christmas starting with these lovely cute Christmas ornaments ….more to come 

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Crochet Jewelry Box

A crochet creation to bring a smile on each and every woman…Basic idea for this I took from the magazine “Small and easy crochet projects with five lovely motifs”…separate patterns are there for basket and round mat…modified a lot according to my liking and size…

Sofa Set Seat Covers (3+1+1)

As a part of my living room decor, started working on the sofa set seat covers and finally completed them..this was getting delayed due to my habit of starting on numerous projects simultaneously and working on each one of them in between :)…now, started working on the back seat covers…hope to finish it soon 🙂 …

20141128_083814 20141128_081820

Pattern:  I just used the simple granny square pattern.  For the big square at the center – 24 rounds of soft brown, 1 round of black, 1 round of white, and 1 round of black again.  For the small squares (you need 20 of them) – 6 rounds each.

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Irish Roses (Crochet) – 2

Crocheted Irish roses is an integral part of crochet art, and what can I say about them, they sure give a tough competition to the real ones, so beautiful, so colorful…its a treat to our visionary sense, the only thing that lacks is the fragrance.…..  It is no longer a far fetched dream as the pattern is readily available on the internet…They are so aesthetically designed to please one’s eyes giving them a royal ethnic look, very gorgeous, very elegant for home decor with grandeur, can be used as an embellishment with any accessories…

These Irish roses I crocheted for my next doily (Dublin Garden Doily by Dot Drake) 🙂 …

20140808_114834 20140808_114541

Graphical Pattern for Irish Rose:

Irish Rose

After completing the rose, lacy edging is done with a sc over each stitch and 3 picot stitches on top of each petal (middle 3 stitches of each petal).


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Mini Crochet Doily -3

As my current projects are still in “work in progress” mode, thought of sharing one of my old doilies, which I did while learning crocheting 🙂 …looking at these, I feel contented that I have progressed a lot in crocheting 🙂 …my stitches have become more neat and clean, my projects are getting better and accurate shapes, and I’m able to understand the pattern much more clearly 🙂 …but still have a long way to go…

The pattern is called “A Touch of Irish Doily” by Jacqui Cunningham and it is available for free here in Ravelry or download this pdf document A Touch of the Irish Doily.


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Mini Crochet Doily – 1

This cute little doily, although small in size is great in its creative design…very easy to make.


The graphical pattern for this cute little doily 🙂 …


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