Crochet Jewelry Box

A crochet creation to bring a smile on each and every woman…Basic idea for this I took from the magazine “Small and easy crochet projects with five lovely motifs”…separate patterns are there for basket and round mat…modified a lot according to my liking and size…


Wild Garden Rose Doily

I made this doily by looking at the “Dublin Garden” doily picture, originally designed by Dot Drake and published in “Crochet Wishes and Wonders” by House of White Birches in January 2000.  I made a slight variation in the the final edging round. Though it may not be exactly like the original one, I liked the fact that it does look somewhat similar.


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Irish Roses (Crochet) – 2

Crocheted Irish roses is an integral part of crochet art, and what can I say about them, they sure give a tough competition to the real ones, so beautiful, so colorful…its a treat to our visionary sense, the only thing that lacks is the fragrance.…..  It is no longer a far fetched dream as the pattern is readily available on the internet…They are so aesthetically designed to please one’s eyes giving them a royal ethnic look, very gorgeous, very elegant for home decor with grandeur, can be used as an embellishment with any accessories…

These Irish roses I crocheted for my next doily (Dublin Garden Doily by Dot Drake) 🙂 …

20140808_114834 20140808_114541

Graphical Pattern for Irish Rose:

Irish Rose

After completing the rose, lacy edging is done with a sc over each stitch and 3 picot stitches on top of each petal (middle 3 stitches of each petal).


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Pink & White Daisy Basket (Crochet)

Halfway through drawstring bag, this cute basket makes itself an adorable item on its own 🙂 …

20140712_190517-1 20140712_190444-1

Pattern as per

Make daisy granny square instead of popcorn flower granny square.

Pattern for daisy granny square

Daisy Flower

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Pinwheel Flower Basket/Bowl (Crochet)

Another cute basket on way through drawstring bag 🙂 …

20140710_150836-1 20140710_150756-1 20140710_151307-1

Pattern as per

Make pinwheel flower granny square instead of popcorn flower granny square.

pinwheel flower

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Pretty Flowery Crochet Basket

I was making a drawstring bag.  In the midst of making this bag, I came across this cute little basket 🙂 …I found this really cute and felt this deserves a separate post for its cuteness…I think there may be numerous step by step pattern instructions all through the net, but I thought of giving in between pictures of how I made it so that it will be helpful for those who want to make it at one place itself and they don’t have to go in search of pattern.


Pattern or How I made this basket 🙂 …

First make 5 square motifs of your choice.  I made these popcorn flower granny square.  For pattern, check my post


Join the squares to form a strip..


Join the end sides of the strip to form a ring…


For base of the basket, as there are five squares I made a granny pentagon (5 sides) instead of granny square…


Attach the previously made ring to the base…


Your cute little basket is ready :)…

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Bright & Colorful Crocheted Bag

A kaleidoscope of bright colors is the simplest way to liven up a casual outfit.  Add a gorgeous handcrafted bag in bright pink, blue, green, red, & yellow :)…

This one I started as a scrap yarn project rug/mat (see my previous post

I started having second thoughts as the work progressed.  It was looking so pretty and beautiful, I didn’t have the mind to use it as a rug for people to step on it or as a converted it into a beautiful bag 🙂 …hope you all agree with me…



Base of Bag

Base (Round)

Body of Bag (Bottom Portion):

bag body (bottom)

Body of Bag (Upper Portion):

Make granny squares of your choice 🙂 …

Bag Handles

I did a strip consisting of sc’s (single crochet) with a spike stitch after 7 sc’s of required length, twisted it to look like a rope, and attached it to the bag :)…


For closure, you can add a zipper or a button closure with a loop of your choice, and your bag is ready 🙂 …


For more decorations, you can have pompoms or balls or tear drops, or flowers or leaves hanging from the handles 🙂 …

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