Crochet Saree Kuchu Flower arch design / Saree Tassels (Indian Ethnic wear)…

Crochet saree kuchu flower arch design with beads / crochet saree tassels flower arch

Link to video tutorial with written pattern in English as subtitles as well as in description for crochet half flower saree kuchu / tassels with beads –


Valentine’s Day special – How to crochet heart and ring :)…

This is a video tutorial on how to crochet love heart and ring tags with beads & stones 🙂… Link to video tutorial – Crochet Shelters

Crochet Floral Granny Square Design #2

This is a video tutorial on how to make crochet pinwheel flower granny square…the tutorial is in 2 parts.  first one shows how to make the flower and the second one shows how to make the square.

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Saree (Indian ethnic wear) Kuchu / Saree Tassels with flower beads – video tutorial…

How to crochet very simple and elegant saree kuchu / tassel with flower beads in just 2 steps 🙂..| link to video tutorial –

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Video Tutorial Links

How to crochet a simple crochet flower (Zinnia) #Daisy

How to crochet easy Pointed Petal Daisy flower #Crochet Daisy

How to crochet 12-petal pinwheel flower #daisy

Fashion Trends – Crochet bags…

A small clip showing some of the bags that I’ve crocheted so far…reliving old moments :)…

Crochet 12-petal pinwheel flower :)…

How to crochet a 12-petal pinwheel flower video tutorial link –

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