Handmade Greeting Cards – 1

“No matter the time…No matter the weather…It’s always fun when we are together…”

Beautiful quote 🙂 ..isn’t it???

As I’ve fallen short of my finished crochet projects with all of them in “work in progress” mode…I thought of sharing my other interests here…one of them is the paper modeling which I discussed in my previous post.

Other one is wishing my near and dear ones on their memorable days…be it either birthdays or anniversaries etc., with my own handmade greeting cards…..Just used sketch pens and gel pens to make these and added quotes from the internet to match the occasion 🙂 … very easy right???

So, I thought I’ll share with you all some of the drawings/characters I used to make my cards…

Here is my collection for the above said quote…As I’ve only few, thought of posting one by one in separate posts 🙂 …

20140330_110630-1 20140330_105506-1 20140330_105833-1….

Will put other pictures for this series from my collection in posts to come soon 🙂 …

For my crochet projects, check my earlier posts or here.

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Note1:  These are the drawings that I hand drew looking at some printed cards or pictures from the internet and sorted them in my own categories 🙂 ….

Note2:  My son too is interested in arts and crafts…so, for this summer holidays to keep himself occupied, he has created his own blog to display and share some of his creations 🙂 …

Here’s the link to his blog craftscrazy   🙂 …



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